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Mary’s classes are a blessing at the end of a busy week.  After leaving her class I feel relaxed, happy and like I have accomplished something beautiful.  She is a patient, kind and wonderful teacher. – Jody B.

My mom and I like painting with Mary.  I really like the hot cocoa and Mary let me put glitter on my paintings.  We have a lot of fun.  -Ani, age 8

I am here to tell you all…if you ever had even and inkling that you MIGHT like to try painting…take a class from Mary! SHE can make a painter out of ANYONE!!! Three hours in class and you leave with a beautiful finished painting! Mary is an AMAZING teacher! She can make an artist out of anyone! THIS can be the start of an amazing new path in your life! Thank you, Mary, for all you have taught me! You are THE BEST TEACHER!!!!- Carol Crowley

In the several years I’ve taken Mary’s classes she’s had new students every month. She really has the teaching skills to teach anyone how to paint a beautiful canvas. Mary gives you the choice in the size of canvas and all the paint you need for your painting, besides the use of brushes for your first visit. Beginners always come away with a beautiful piece of art!!   Linda Wilson


I always have such a wonderful time painting with Mary, and her class sizes allow for one on one help and you can get to know others around you. Mary is always so kind and welcoming, and you always leave feeling relaxed and peaceful! (And with a beautiful painting! ? )  Brittanie




















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