A Successful Class

Rules & Tips for a Successful Class

  1. Come on time. The door will be open 15 before class starts.  When you are late everyone suffers because instructions must be repeated and you must be caught up.
  1. If you sign up, please do not cancel at the last minute.  When you cancel I usually do not have enough time to fill your spot.  Let me know as soon as possible because I often have a waiting list and I may be able to fill your spot.  When I cancel a class because of insufficient student numbers others suffer.  They have scheduled their time to be here.
  1. Smile!  Have a good time. When you are negative it can bring the entire group down.  Try to remember that your painting will change as we progress through the different steps.
  1. The class is usually 3 hours.  Try to finish up on time.  I know that this is not always possible but I try to move you along so that we can finish.
  1. Classes are for painters only. You may not bring your non-painting children, husband, animal or friend.
  1. Please turn your cell phones off.  Sign up early as classes do fill up quickly.