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  1. Paint a Rose

  2. Paint an easy Snowman

  3. Paint shaker video

  4. Paint a Daisy – YouTube

  5. Learn to paint Mountains – YouTube

  6.  Paint a tree by Mary Hildesheim – YouTube

  7. Paint Rosebuds and Fruit by Mary Hildesheim –

  8. Favorite Painting Brushes by Mary Hildesheim  (newest)  has asked me to teach online classes for them.  Can I ask you to click on this link and watch my free is very short but does require that you sign up and create a password but it is FREE. If  you like it I would be so grateful if you would leave a comment and click the heart. Art with Mary

Having fun at a painting class 🙂 

 More Links: Picasa Web Albums  These albums show a lot more of my art work. Paintings are available for purchase by calling Mary at (425) 481- 5215.

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